Solo Plays

Mormon Boy Trilogy


Steven Fales's epic solo performance event of three solo plays and an epilogue in repertory that include: Confessions of a Mormon Boy, Missionary Position, Prodigal Dad, and The Dream of Life.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy


A true story of transformation, this is Steven Fales' groundbreaking classic tale about going from one extreme to another until he finds a middle ground. Originally seen Off-Broadway, the updated script and storytelling is currently touring.

Missionary Position


The comic prequel to Confessions of a Mormon Boy. Part 2 in Mormon Boy Trilogy.

Prodigal Dad


The dramatic sequel to Confessions of a Mormon Boy and 

Part 3 in Mormon Boy Trilogy.

The Dream of Life


The epilogue of Mormon Boy Trilogy that ties all three solo plays together.

My Mormon Valentine


The original 2001 "Utah" version of Confessions of a Mormon Boy fully expanded.

Solo Shows & Cabaret



A cabaret act about Obsessive Cult Disorder!

Mormon American Princess


Steven Fales takes on narcissism in his early cabaret act that's been performed at Joe's Pub and The Art House in Provincetown.

Mormon American Cowboy


Smart, sexy original songs by Steven Fales make up this follow-up to Mormon American Princess as he shares lessons about love , life, and growing up!

Sugar Daddy Free


"Shades of Sugar' are fully explored in this cabaret/show about becoming independent!

Becoming Converted


Love and loss in the age of AIDS and pREP. Fales shares surprising stories about sex and STIs!

Mormon Outlaw


An exploration of the criminal mind going all the way back to his stage-coach robbing Mormon heritage and the infamous Dalton Gang!

More Solo work

Conversations with Heavenly Mother: An Uncommon Diva


The first wife of Heavenly father finally tells her story. They weren't always Mormon, you know!

Mormondom 101


A Mormon Spectacular about all things Mormon. Welcome to Steven Fales' Oxy-Mormon World!

Joseph III

The story of Joseph Smith and Emma Smith as told through the eyes of their firstborn son. What would you do to cover up the truth?

Sin of Odysseus

The hero Odysseus had two sons. One was good. And one was a sin.

Upon this Rock

The life and legacy of Rock Hudson in a solo play.