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Mormon Boy Steven Fales
Photo by Kevin McIntyre

Steven Fales' Mormon Boy Experience: It's a human thing. And he's not a boy. He's a man. And a dad.

Did you grow up Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Southern Baptist, a Muslim, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Scientologist, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Seventh Day Adventist, etc.? Then you just might appreciate the Mormon Boy Experience, too. Because actually it’s a human thing . . . 

An American original since 2001, formally excommunicated Oxy-Mormon Steven Fales was the first gay Mormon to tell his story in an artistic mainstream way with his ground-breaking solo play, Confessions of a Mormon Boy that continues to tour all over the world. This Off-Broadway and international one-man sensation is now one of many solo plays and books that make up this actor/writer/producer’s “Mormon Boy Experience.” This website further explores his pioneering, award-winning work that evenly, eruditely, honestly, and humorously investigates Mormondom, elucidates the gay Mormon phenomenon, and celebrates what it means to be profoundly human.  By focussing so specifically, his work translates universally.

With masterful storytelling, dynamic staging, and minimalist yet innovative production design elements, Elder Fales's solo shows pull out all the dramatic and comedic stops while pulling very few punches (even with himself), and help define/articulate/explain what it was and is to be a gay American, father, and human being at the turn of the millennium and beyond . . .

Fales's Mormon Boy Experience is one of the most comprehensive and authentic examinations of Mormon Americana by an insider's insider/outsider to ever be performed onstage or expressed on the page. Steven Fales as “Mormon Boy” has been a provocative visionary telling the truth behind the truth for nearly two decades. Thank you for your interest and support of this rigorous artistic inquiry about the subculture of Brother Fales's birth—and families and society in general—and what can possibly catapult that wasn't possible before. Keep smiling. And experience “Mormon Boy” for yourself!

“I may no longer be a Latter-day Saint, but something about me will always be Mormon. A Transformin’ Mormon.”--Confessions of a Mormon Boy

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